Lumber & Building Materials

Gilcrest/Jewett constantly evaluates everything we sell to make sure it all remains worthy of our customers. The following products have stood the test of time and consistently meet the rigorous demands of our customers.


Engineered Wood Products

When it comes to floor and roof systems, or beams and headers, there are a lot of reasons to choose engineered lumber products from Gilcrest/Jewett Lumber Company. Today’s residential building trends call for large, open spaces and high ceilings, creating a demand for products that provide higher strength and greater stability over longer spans. Engineered lumber outperforms conventional lumber in these applications.

We supply Engineered Wood Products (EWP) from LP Building Products. 


We carry both hardwood (including red oak, white oak, poplar, maple, hickory, cherry, mahogany, alder) and softwood (including pine and cedar) which are good for boards, timbers, and siding.

Dimension Lumber

Our selection of dimension lumber includes:

  • MCA treaded dimension, decking and timbers
  • Doug Fir dimension and timbers
  • SPF dimension
  • Cedar dimension, decking and timbers

Plywood and OSB

We offer a diverse selection of plywood products, including a variety of thicknesses.

  • Fir and SYP Plywood
  • Hardwood plywood & veneer
  • OSB
  • Huber Advantech and Zip
  • Engineered lumber(LVL, LSL, Timberstrand, I-Joist, Gluelam, Rimboard and Hangers)

Brands of Lumber & Building Materials

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