Component Manufacturing

Our commitment to building quality products doesn’t just apply to our manufacturing facility; it makes up the fabric of our culture. That means we use choice raw materials—like high-grade lumber and sheathing products, metal connector plates and nails—to build your products.

It also means our component products are assembled by skilled workers who are trained to follow the industry’s quality standard training program, In-Plant WTCA QC.

We take the safety of our workers very seriously. Each production employee is trained in SBCA Operation Safety. At Plum, we believe maintaining a clean, safe work environment contributes to our standard of quality.

Finally, our commitment to building you a quality product means being good stewards of the environment. We generate very little wood waste in the manufacturing process. But the small amount of scrap created is burned to heat our manufacturing facility in the winter or recycled into wood shavings by a third party.

Roof Trusses

Plum’s optimized roof design can reduce the need for extra permanent lateral bracing. Our complete hip system employs a unique end jack and corner system that reduces the number of truss components and hangers. Plum’s hip and jack inserts eliminate the need for conventional framed ridge purlins and blocking. Our roof valley and hip components can be integrated into each roof truss as applicable and practical. 2×4 construction, and LL/360+ are designed to reduce interior bottom chord deflection and possible sheetrock buckling. Roof truss loading is designed at 10 lbs. top chord dead load to accommodate future maintenance and additional layers of roof shingles.

Labor & Material Savings

Roof framing labor savings of 15-25% compared to other truss systems and 25-50% labor and time savings compared to conventional stick framing methods.

Engineered Wood Products

Plum offers everything you need to complete the job! We distribute a wide variety of engineered wood products from quality manufacturers, including I-joists, glulam and rimboard. We also supply connectors and hangers from Simpson Strong-Tie.

Find out about these products from our primary suppliers on the Learn page:

  • I-Joist
  • Glulam
  • Rimboard
  • Hangers

Complete Component Packages

Trust Plum to design and manufacture a complete component package for your project. With our design and production teams closely engaged from the beginning, you benefit from the most efficient, cost effective means of supplying framing materials. Order all the framing materials from Plum, and you’ll streamline project management, eliminate miscommunication among vendors, and speed up the framing cycle.

What is a complete framing system?

Practically everything you need to install the structural framework of a home or building. Our packages include the roof, floor and wall systems; stair stringers and risers; and all engineered wood products. We team up with your local lumber dealer to provide loose framing lumber; sheathing; and any related hardware and connectors needed for framing.

Stair Systems

Plum’s stair systems include stringers, risers, bullnose treads, platforms and landings—all custom fabricated to project specifications.


Our stair systems eliminate time consuming, tedious hand-cutting conventional stair stringers – Plum stair systems install in minutes.

Wall Panels & Wall Systems

Plum wall panels include all corners, posts, intersecting “T”-sub components and exterior sheathing; window and door rough openings with header, jack trimmer or king stud components, window header sill and cripple sub-assemblies. Blocking for towel bars, curtain rods, grab bars, kitchen cabinets, bath backers and fire stops are available per project specifications.

Labor & Materials Savings

Savinngs include reduced jobsite cleanup and theft, expanded capacity of framing crews (a synchronized team will complete rough framing of walls in 50 to 65% less time and 65% less expense as compared to conventional stick framing) and time saved, meaning earlier occupancy date and increased revenue.

Our fully integrated design and fabrication of wall, floor and roof systems maximize quality and structural strength.

Floor Trusses

Plum’s open-webbed floor truss configuration allows for increased accessibility of plumbing, heating ducts and electrical conduits. Custom fabricated to exact measurements, Plum floor trusses do not require field cutting, squash blocks, web stiffeners or rimboard installation.

Floor Deck Systems

Sheathed at the factory and complete with rim, hangers and blocking, Plum “Easy Set” Floor Decks are built with conventional 2x_ lumber, floor trusses and/or I-joists.

Labor & Material Savings

Floor truss installation time is estimated at 35% less than I-joist systems and 65% less than conventional stick frame systems. Additionally, installation time of carpenter, electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors are all reduced.

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